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AC-38, nicknamed Ace or Ace-38,[2] was an AC series pilot droid that worked for Star Tours as a pilot[1] sometime between 1 BBY and 0 BBY.[3] During one flight, Ace was supposed to fly passengers in a StarSpeeder 1000, but when the ship lifted off, C-3PO was in the pilot's seat instead.[4][5] AC-38 was tasked with inspecting the StarSpeeder 1000 while C-3PO was supposed to ensure the onboard consoles were in working order, although C-3PO inadvertently sealed himself within the pilots console, and AC-38 got distracted with something else, failing to report back when the preparations were complete. In an advertisement for the StarSpeeder, Aly San San described Ace as friendly and personable, but he can be a bit testy at times, as shown when Ace tells Threepio to make his work quick because they were scheduled to depart in several minutes.[1]

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The initial concept of Star Tours II called for the StarSpeeder 1000 to be piloted by Ace. But on a blog post by Tom Fitzgerald, the Executive VP & Senior Creative Executive of Walt Disney Imagineering, it was revealed that Ace's job would be taken over by C-3PO.[4][5] When Ace was planned to be the pilot, he was to be voiced by Patrick Warburton,[6] though he would be recast with actor Lindsay Schnebly when the character's role was reduced.[7] The circumstances behind 3PO taking over Ace's job were explained in the preparations video for the Star Tours ride, before the ride underwent boarding procedures.[1]



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