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The AC-series pilot droid was a model of commuter ship pilot droid that predated the better-known RX-series. One day, one such droid designated AC-38 allowed its StarSpeeder to be hijacked by a rogue protocol droid and taken to a dangerous trip across the galaxy. Because of that incident, all AC-series units were retired from service and replaced by RX-series droids, which proved to be only slightly more reliable.[1]

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The AC-series droids originated in Star Tours: The Adventures Continue, a Disney simulator ride theme park attraction.[2] They made their entry into proper canon in the 2018 reference book Star Wars: Droidography, written by Marc Sumerak. The book describes an event involving a unit named AC-38 and "a rogue protocol droid," directly referencing[1] The Adventures Continue, where C-3PO is forced to pilot the StarSpeeder 1000 in the pilot's absence.[2]

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