AD-3 was a protocol droid that served as the companion of the Jedi Master Kelleran Beq alongside the astromech droid LX-R5. AD-3 was a good friend of Beq, and possessed a sense of humor. While the two were on good terms, AD-3 was envious of Beq's Force powers due to lacking them as a droid.


AD-3 was a protocol droid who served Jedi Master Kelleran Beq. Alongside the astromech droid LX-R5, she accompanied him when he supervised Padawans' Jedi Trials.[2]


AD-3 was a protocol droid with a female programming. While she was on good terms with Master Beq, she was envious of his Force powers since she lacked them as a droid.[3] AD-3 repeatedly teased Beq about his abilities to use the Force to remotely close doors and lift rocks.[4][5] She also had a habit of teasing LX-R5, saying that this exhaust smelt like dewback broth on one occasion and describing him as a fashionista on another occasion.[6]

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"She [AD-3] was much goofier than I thought she would be initially. I was maybe trying to go for more of a snarky or brash sort of droid, but she's quite innocent and bubbly and enthusiastic and just excited by everything around her. That doesn't mean that she can't toss in a good jab here and there, but she's so good natured and eager to please and eager to be a part of everything, and that was so fun to discover. She's so excited for these young Padawans!"
―Mary Holland describing AD-3's character[src]

AD-3 is a character created for the game show Star Wars: Jedi Temple Challenge, voiced by Mary Holland with life performance provided by Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre veteran, artist and droid builder Gordon Tarpley providing the character's life performance. Holland and Tarpley worked together to synchronize Tarpley's live performance with Holland's voice performance.[7] The short stories told by AD-3 in each episode were written by the author Cavan Scott.[8]

During an interview with The Star Wars Show host Anthony Carboni on May 27, 2020, Holland described her character as providing her co-star Ahmed Best's character Master Kelleran Beq with "someone who isn't so in awe of what they do that they lose all sense of reality and aren't able to consider other perspectives." Best also described AD-3 as a friend to Master Beq that could be honest with him "without having any reverential fear or shyness."[3] Showrunners and the cast took care to ensure that AD-3 was not a "humble servant" but rather an equal partner to Kelleran Beq.[7]

According to Jedi Temple Challenge's co-creator Scott Bromley, AD-3's nickname mimicked "Aidee", a feminine name to match her voice actor. AD-3's ankles have the initials "GT" and "MH," representing her designer and performer Gordon Tarpley and voice actor Mary Holland respectively.[9]



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