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*{{FFCite|51|LAS2-4, ''Laser Cannons''}}
*{{FFCite|51|LAS2-4, ''Laser Cannons''}}
*''[[The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia]]''
*''[[The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia]]''
*''[[Star Wars: Millennium Falcon: A 3-D Owner's Guide]]''
==Notes and references==
==Notes and references==

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The Corellian Engineering Corporation AG-2G quad laser cannon was a powerful laser cannon, two of which were installed on the top and bottom of the Millennium Falcon by Lando Calrissian and modified by Han Solo. Imperial Lancer-class frigates mounted twenty of these quad laser cannons, for use against fast-moving starfighters.[1]



AG-2G schematics

The cannons drew power directly from the Falcon's Quadex power core. Enhanced power cyclers, high-volume gas feeds, and custom-modified laser actuators (with larger energization crystals) greatly increased the cannon's energy output, and the weapon could destroy a TIE fighter with a single shot. Enhanced cooling packs and compressors allowed for prolonged fire without the risk of overheating. The splitter coupling dispersed the energy beam, forcing the target's shields to deflect energy simultaneously from two hits and increasing the likelihood of overloading the shields and inflicting greater damage.


AG-2G quad cannon egwt

Alternate schematics


Notes and references

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