AG-90 (Aygee-Ninety), was a "monster droid" built by the scavenger mother of Dec Hansen. The boy had no siblings, so his mother built AG-90 out of various parts, including the head of a J9 and the torso of an agromech. AG-90 acted as Hansen's older brother, and the two grew up together on the swamp-planet Ques. The droid never had his memory wiped, giving him a quirky, unpredictable personality. By 34 ABY, the two came to serve in the Resistance against the First Order, training to become pilots in J-Squadron. However, J-Squadron's leader, Jothan Tiaan Jerjerrod, came into conflict with AG-90, believing that the droid was just a tool and needed a memory wipe. During a mission to Vodran, AG-90 and Hansen became separated after being attacked by Vodran's wildlife, and the droid stumbled onto a patrol of First Order stormtroopers.[1]

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