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"With the Falcon's sensors, it's like seeing the future. You'll know where each Imperial fighter is headed before the TIE pilots have made a move."
Lando Calrissian[src]

The Fabritech ANq-51 sensor array computer was the system that provided the powerful sensor capabilities of the notorious Millennium Falcon. While only 4.5 meters high, it had an effective of range of half a million kilometers. This computer took all the data provided from passive mode and scan mode sensors, electrophoto receptors, subspace comm detector, and processed into information usable by the pilot or sensor operator. Also, the computer controlled the jamming devices, short-range targeting systems, and the IFF transponder.

Components of the ANq-51 included a rectenna dish, electrophoto receptor booster, attitude adjust, active sensor array, passive sensor array, and subspace comm detector.



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