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"Pay up…now."
―AR-34 enforcer droid[src]

AR-34 enforcer droids, also known as "backbreakers," were commissioned by the Hutt crime cartel. They were originally designed as security droids, but were frequently employed as debt-collectors by Hutt-affiliated gangsters. They were based on similar mechanical designs as military droids, but were equipped with smaller armaments and were designed for speed, mobility, and pursuit. They were equipped with high-speed, short-range blasters and cortosis-grip gauntlets. A backbreaker droid was capable of breaking down a reinforced barrier and clearing a room with blaster-fire in seconds.

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The AR-34 enforcer droid was first introduced in a holonet article for the Star Wars: The Old Republic video game. According to the game files, at least on AR-34 enforcer droid was intended to appear in the Smuggler class storyline on Drooga's pleasure barge on Nar Shaddaa, but the droid is not present in the live version of the game.[1]


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