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"The canned edu-packs can teach a soldier only so much. These commanders need the guidance only seasoned combat veterans can provide."

The ARC training program, also known as ARC training or simply as the ARC program, was an advanced officer training program for the Grand Army of the Republic's clone trooper commanders and other clone trooper officers during the Clone Wars. Established by the Advanced Recon Commando Alpha-17, the program was overseen by Alpha and other ARC troopers.


"There's a galaxy of difference. Sure, we understand that the neural pumps give us what feel like authentic combat memories, but having the ARC drill sergeants making it real and overseeing the simulations gives us the edge over the previous units."
―Commander Thire, graduate of the ARC training program[src]

The program constituted grueling training, with the goal being individuality and independence. Participants were rewarded with the right to take nicknames, to be used instead of their numerical designations.[3]

Training took place within the first few months of the war, with the first class of one hundred graduates being ready by approximately 22 BBY. Some graduates went on to form the elite Squad Seven.[2]

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