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ARC trooper armor was the kit issued to the Grand Army of the Republic's elite ARC troopers and consisted of at least two sets, one being the Phase I ARC Trooper Armor used during the initial days of the Clone Wars and was a template of the phase II clone trooper armor with additional equipment and characteristics. The second was standard phase II armor with advanced modifications and equipment.


ARC trooper armor was a type of clone trooper armor used by Advanced Recon Commandos, also known as ARC troopers, during the Clone Wars.[3] For some time, ARC trooper armor consisted of the Phase I ARC Trooper Armor, which at its core was similar to the phase I clone trooper armor, although with additional gray armor plating, a double pauldron, additional equipment, a kama, a rangefinder, ammunition pouches, and two holsters.[4]

Later, the kit was upgraded to have consist of a survival backpack and a prototype helmet that retained the phase I's fin, while keeping the other characteristics of the previous armor set.[3] When the phase II clone trooper armor became standard issue to all clone troopers in the later days of the Clone Wars, the kit's baseline Phase I armor and unique helmet were replaced by its successors.[5]

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