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Fordo wearing Phase I ARC trooper armor.

ARC trooper armor was a specialized variant of clone trooper armor worn by Advanced Recon Commandos.


Phase I VersionEdit

ARC Trooper armor was lighter and offered more protection than standard clone trooper armor, but was weaker than Katarn-class commando armor. The armor could be fitted with specialized attachments, such as a jetpack, rocket dart launchers, miniature flamethrowers, and a rangefinder. The ARC Trooper Fordo also had a taser that could be shot from his gauntlet which he used against Durge at the Battle of Muunilinst.

ARC trooper armor was usually worn with a blast dampening kama and rank signifying pauldron. An exception was ARC trooper Alpha-98 "Nate" later "Jangotat". ARC trooper armor also included additional pouches and holders for grenades, land mines, blaster ammunition, med kits, and even extra rations. Prudii Skirata wore a specialized ARC trooper armor with stealth coating that could not be detected by droids.

Phase II VersionEdit

ARC trooper TCW

Commander Colt in Phase 1.5 armor

Sometime during the war, a prototype of Phase II version ARC Trooper armor was developed and issued on Kamino. The helmets were hybrids between the two versions, with the Phase II helmet's design sporting a shorter version of the Phase I helmet's antenna crest on top. Likewise, the pauldrons had extra chestplates, and a life support pack was usually worn on the back. ARC Trooper Colt and at least three others were known to have worn such armor during a Confederate assault on Kamino. Later, troopers CT-21-0408 and CT-27-5555 would also wear this armor. During 21 BBY, ARC trooper helmets later were changed to have the shape of a standard Phase II clone trooper helmet, as evidenced by CT-27-5555 when he fought in the Battle of Umbara.

Fordo was seen wearing Phase II armor during the Battle of Coruscant, and Alpha-17 during the Battle of Boz Pity.



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