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ARIES' superweapon was one of many weapons left on Iokath following the eradication of its creators in the Iokath civil war. The weapon could emit a blinding energy wave for thousands of kilometers that could knock out organic beings unconscious for hours at a time. ARIES base was build next to the superweapon in Iokath's southern hemisphere and in 3630 BBY ARIES used it to capture the personnel aboard the Gravestone and the Eternal Fleet, who have arrived to Iokath. ARIES then arranged them across Iokath to test in various combat scenarios, but after Eternal Empire leader Vaylin had escaped from her cell, he began to re-energize the weapon, intending to use it on lethal setting this time. While the weapon was charging, ARIES' position was discovered by the Alliance forces, who stormed his base to take him out. ARIES ordered to increase the weapon energy transfer rate, even through it threatened to overload the weapon's capacitors. ARIES was shot and killed by SCORPIO, but it was too late to stop the superweapon explosion, which threatened to cover Iokath in deadly radiation. The Gravestone and the majority of Eternal Fleet vessels managed to escape to hyperspace with everyone aboard right before the superweapon exploded, making Iokath inaccessible for the time being.[1]

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ARIES' superweapon appears in Star Wars: The Old Republic: Knights of the Eternal Throne during Chapter V: Ascension.


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