ARIES base was the base of operation of ARIES, the only self-aware droid on the artificial world of Iokath, located in its southern hemisphere. It was located near a massive superweapon that could knock out or kill organics over the great distance. In 3630 BBY a large amount of new arrivals came to Iokath when SCORPIO, herself an Iokath creation with her memories of it removed, managed to unlock the origin of herself, the Gravestone and the Eternal Fleet and brought all of those vessels to Iokath. As the vessels approached and entered Iokath, ARIES activated the superweapon that emitted a bright light and knocked all organics aboard unconscious, arranging and placing them across Iokath surface to test in various combat scenarios. Eventually his multiple holo-transmissions allowed SCORPIO to pinpoint the location of his base and relay it to the Alliance forces. The Alliance Commander and Vette stormed his base, eventually confronting ARIES, even while the Eternal Fleet laid fire to his base and the superweapon continued to charge. Eventually, as ARIES faked defeat and attempted to backstab the Alliance Commander, he himself was shot in the back by SCORPIO and destroyed permanently.[1]

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ARIES base appears in Star Wars: The Old Republic: Knights of the Eternal Throne during "Chapter V: Ascension".

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