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"Target that fuel pod now!"
"But, sir, the fuel."
"I gave you a direct order."
Governor Arihnda Pryce and an AT-AT driver[src]

AT-AT pilots were Imperial combat drivers specialized in operating the Imperial Army's AT-AT walkers.[2] Operating in groups of two, they operated the walker's driving and firing controls, and were overseen by a commander who also occupied the walkers cockpit.[3]


Pulling the strongest Imperial soldiers to become the next generation of AT-AT pilots, many considered themselves all-powerful. Almost all pilots were humans averaging 1.83 meters (6ft) in height.[4]

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AT-AT pilots wore specialized insulated suits on frozen planets such as Hoth. These suits were designed to protect their wearer if their AT-ATs pressurized cockpit was compromised, along with the AT-ATs lack of climate control. Pilots wore an all-white insulated jumpsuit along with white boots and driving gauntlets. Along with sporting a reinforced helmet and life-support pack on their chest, pilots also had a standard blaster pistol, thermal detonators and grenades for potential ground-based encounters.[4]

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