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The AT-PT was a bipedal,[2] all-terrain[1] light infantry walker distinguished by its triple-jointed legs and one-pilot cabin. AT-PTs were armed with twin blaster cannons located below the viewport.[2]

Designed before the height of the Clone Wars, the AT-PT, along with the All Terrain Tactical Enforcer, led to the development of the three-legged All Terrain Attack Pod.[3] In the Imperial Era, the Imperial Army utilized AT-PTs during the Galactic Civil War, a galaxy-wide conflict between the Galactic Empire and the Rebel Alliance.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

In the current Star Wars canon, AT-PTs first appeared in the tower defense mobile game Star Wars: Galactic Defense,[2] which was released in 2014[4] and shut down in 2016.[2] In the Star Wars Legends continuity, AT-PTs, fully known as All Terrain Personal Transports,[5] were conceived for the 1992 novel Dark Force Rising, the second chapter of Timothy Zahn's Thrawn Trilogy.[6]


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