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"Get him off of there!"
―Blanaid and Newland, upon spotting an Ewok assailant[1]

AT-ST drivers, also called AT-ST pilots,[2] were Imperial Army combat drivers specialized in operating the All Terrain Scout Transport.[1]


Largely pulled from the human species, two AT-ST pilots were trained to be primarily responsible for keeping an AT-ST walker moving at speed through uneven terrain, utilizing its offensive capabilities for reconnaissance and anti-personnel hunting missions.[2]

Uniform and equipment[]

Two AT-ST drivers in uniform

AT-ST pilots wore one-piece light grey jumpsuits with basic armor plating underneath[2] and Imperial crests on both shoulders.[1] The drivers' feet were protected by a pair of calf-high black boots, and their hands by fire-resistant black gauntlets. The belt that came with the jumpsuit was made of a black, leather-like material, with a metallic buckle featuring an identity disk.[2]

AT-ST pilots wore a field grey open-face helmet[2] consisting of a dome with a rim and a helmet skirt. Identity disks were positioned on both sides of the skirt, and a telemetry receiver unit was attached to the right side of the dome, aligned to the rim. A black trim covered the edge of the skirt and the forehead of the dome. A black chin strap helped holding the helmet in place.[3] A pair of blast goggles[2] that had a square-like frame with angled sides and dark lenses protected the driver's eyes.[1]

Although they were not expected to replace standard ground-based infantry, AT-ST drivers carried blasters, grenades, thermal detonators, emergency flares and a comlink in case of emergency.[2]

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