AV-1S Scout Armor, produced by GTU, was a model of military scout armor.

Designed for reconnaissance, the AV-1S consisted of form fitting plates over a thick, yet lightweight and flexible, suit of airtight mesh capable of self sealing punctures. Because of the compactness of the armor, the AV-1S was not only far lighter than most powersuits, but far more maneuverable even when unpowered - while still offering impressive armor coverage and moderate resistance to kinetic and energy based attacks.[1]


AV-1S Scout Armor

Like most powersuits, the AV-1s was equipped with small, yet powerful servomotors capable of greatly enhancing the wearer's strength, though like most GTU power armors, was additionally equipped with a repulsorlift engine for flight, a power lamp capable of producing a cone of light up to 100m, as well as a full life support system. These systems were powered by three standard standard power cells contained in an armored housing on the suits back - the the entirety of the suit capable of operating for thirty six standard hours continuously.[1]

The helmet itself contained multiple systems for reconnaissance duty, including a long range thermal imaging module allowing for heat based gradation up to 200m away, a low light imaging module that amplified ambient light for night vision, a detailed environmental scanner, a bio-readout/med sensor appraising the wearer of their condition, integrated macrobinoculars, and lastly, a multi-channel comm unit with a 50 kilometer range, consisting of a built in encoder, and an external amplifier.[1]


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