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The AV-21 landspeeder was a rare Mobquet high-performance landspeeder able to carry two people.


AV-21 landspeeder SoT

An AV-21 landspeeder

The AV-21's top speed and acceleration rate matched that of a Zephyr-G swoop. It also came in roughly sixteen different paint jobs.

It was specialized for straight-line speed. The forward hull was wedge-shaped, and the cockpit was in the middle. The rear was dominated by the control surfaces and double ion thruster. All the panels were precision-made to be aerodynamically efficient.[1]


The AV-21 was highly sought after by racers and the wealthy elite. Each craft was almost completely hand-built in a special Mobquet facility. To purchase one, the waiting list was over a standard year long. If one was sold, it often went for 2-4 times the standard price.[1]


An AV-21 under fire

It was assumed by the Galactic Empire to be a prototype for a fast attack vehicle developed by the Alliance to Restore the Republic.[2] In addition, the Empire had access to schematics for the landspeeder, one of which was provided to an Imperial-aligned spacer by the Zabrak Imperial Colonel Darkstone as a reward for saving Doctor Bledsoe.[3]

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The AV-21 first appeared in Star Wars Galaxies, as a vehicle that could be crafted by players of the Master Artisan profession. Building the AV-21 required the acquisition of two very rare parts obtainable only from the "Corellian Corvette" missions: the AV-21 vehicle schematic and AV-21 power plant. The schematic was the reward for completing the mission, while the power plant was a rare loot drop within the mission.[2] As a result, owning the vehicle in game was seen as a luxury item, and players would be willing to purchase one for 2 to 3 million credits.[3]

In Star Wars Galaxies, the AV-21 could manage up to 17 meters per second in speed, which was the equal-fastest ground vehicle available in the game. It should be noted that speeders travel much slower in the game than they do in the films and other games.[3]

The AV-21 was mentioned by Han Solo in Solo: A Star Wars Story, elevating this Star Wars Legends vehicle to canon status.



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