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"We cannot get past their cannons, sir."
"Cannons? This will never do. We must pull back and set up our deflector shields."
―A B1-series battle droid and Whorm Loathsom — (audio) Listen (file info)[3] The cannons of the AV-7 were used on the artillery decks of Venator-class Star Destroyers.[4]

The AV-7 Anti-vehicle Artillery Cannon, also known as the AV-7 antivehicle cannon and more commonly known as the heavy cannon, was a model of self-propelled artillery cannon that the Galactic Republic used during the Clone Wars. Once it was moved into position with its repulsorlift[1] feet, a single clone trooper could operate the cannon using the gunnery controls on the side of the central assembly. The cannons were used by Republic forces during the Battle of Christophsis.[3]


The AV-7 Anti-vehicle Artillery Cannon,[2] also designated as the AV-7 mobile gun, the AV-7 anti-vehicle gun, or simply as the clone artillery gun, was a model of self-propelled artillery piece that was used by the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars between the Galactic Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems. The AV-7 was manufactured by the weapons company Taim & Bak for a price of 14,000 credits when new, though the price could fall as low as 8,000 credits for used pieces. Each cannon was 15.38 meters in height and was operated by a single clone gunner. Since the AV-7 was a self-propelled artillery piece that was automatic, the gunner was not responsible for the control of the gun, only the handling of the artillery.[1]

The AV-7 maneuvered with a repulsorlift until it reached a desired firing position, after which it would deploy four robust metal legs for ground stabilization,[1] although on occasion it could use the legs to advance.[5] The seat of the gunner was situated next to the gun,[1] although it could be placed on either side.[5] The cannon was a long barrel, which propelled plasma ammunition that had a very wide coverage. Due to the powerful plasma explosion that was produced by the plasma shot, a single shot could destroy several vehicles and all droids nearby. Despite this, it was completely ineffective against deflector shields. Because the Separatist Droid Army was mostly composed of mechanical soldiers, the use of plasma cartridges was advantageous for the Grand Army of the Republic, which could destroy them alongside their vehicles. The AV-7 was recognizable by its silhouette, which was reminiscent of a mechanical octopus with several legs with a long barrel on its upper part.[1]


The AV-7 artillery cannon witnessed extensive used throughout the Clone Wars, usually as a support platform for ground forces. The AV-7 could be deployed for mobile offensives or as a fixed weapon to defend military installations or cities.[1]


AV-7 cannons participate in the Battle of Christophsis

Four AV-7 Anti-vehicle Artillery Cannons were deployed during the Battle of Christophsis, in the early actions of the Clone Wars. They were used against the military forces of the Confederacy of Independent Systems, including Octuptarra tri-droids and Armored Assault Tank Mk Is. After the Separatists activated their deflector shield generator, the AV-7s were no longer effective. Once the generator was destroyed by Jedi General Anakin Skywalker and his Padawan Jedi Commander Ahsoka Tano, the AV-7s were able to stop the Separatist advance and provide victory to Republic forces. The cannons were used throughout the war, including during the Second Battle of Geonosis in which many cannons were destroyed by Separatist super tanks.[1]



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