The AZ-series surgical assistant droid was a model of medical droid manufactured by Cybot Galactica and utilized during the Clone Wars. One such droid, AZI-3, served the Kaminoans in Tipoca City on the planet Kamino, caring for clones.[1]

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AZ-model droids were capable of low-elevation hovering using a pair of repulsorlifts in place of legs. Two circular photoreceptors were on the front of the head. Their primary arms had three digits each, however with the compartment on its back, the medical droid could store small items and produce a number of appendages to personally perform complicated procedures. These appendages were tipped with instruments including fusioncutters, flashlights[2], and anesthesia-inducers. AZ-series droids came equipped with multiple survival modes in case of emergency situations. One such mode allowed the droid to transform into a mountable repulsorcraft able to occupy a single rider.[3]

As a surgical assistant, the highest-priority objective of AZ-series programming was to ensure the safety of its current patient at all costs, which included disobeying direct orders from their superiors.[2]

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