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"My number is AZI-345211896246498721347."

AZI-345211896246498721347 was a medical droid who served the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars. He was known as AZI-3 by the ARC trooper CT-5555 "Fives," who felt that numbers were demeaning, and simply as AZ by the genetically-modified clone Omega. In 19 BBY, AZI-3 struck an unlikely friendship with Fives as the two worked together to investigate a supposed "tumor" that had caused Fives' fellow soldier CT-5385 "Tup" to assassinate the Jedi General Tiplar. During the course of their investigation, the two discovered that all clone troopers had been implanted with inhibitor chips for an unknown purpose, which subsequently turned out to be Darth Sidious's planned Great Jedi Purge.

Following Fives' death and the ultimate success of Sidious' scheme, AZI-3 continued his work at Tipoca City until the settlement was soon after destroyed by the Galactic Empire. He escaped the carnage with the help of Omega and the renegade Bad Batch. He was for a short time under the employ of the Trandoshan Ciddarin Scaleback at her parlor on Ord Mantell. AZI-3 later ran away with the Bad Batch from Scaleback after her betrayal of them to the Empire.


An unlikely friendship[]

AZI-3 served in the medical facility at the planet Kamino's Tipoca City. He was present for the arrival of CT-5385 "Tup," a clone trooper who was suffering from a mysterious condition that had caused him to attack and kill the Jedi General Tiplar. AZI-3 was assigned to oversee testing on CT-5555 "Fives," who might have been exposed to whatever condition had affected Tup.[6]


AZI-3 with Fives.

Fives, wanting to help his friend Tup, convinced AZI-3 that, by not helping the patient, he was doing the opposite of what he was programmed to. After convincing AZI-3 to help him, Fives explained to the droid that no clone went by a number these days and his camaraderie with Tup. AZI-3 suggested that they complete a level 5 atomic brain scan on Tup, but the Kaminoan Chief Medical Scientist Nala Se refused on the grounds that a post-mortem dissection would yield the proper results.[6] AZI-3 and Fives were unaware that Nala was trying to conceal the existence of inhibitor chips in all clone troopers, which was central to Darth Sidious' Order 66.[7]

Continuing to work with Fives, AZI-3 performed the procedure, eventually conducting a biopsy based on the readings, and discovered a mysterious "tumor" inside Tup. It transpired that the tumor was actually a control chip, and when it was removed, Tup died. Shortly, AZI-3 and Fives were corned by Nala Se and Jedi Master Shaak Ti.[6] Following an argument, Shaak Ti and Nala Se reached an agreement for the "tumor" to be transported to the Jedi Temple and then the Grand Republic Medical Facility for further analysis.[8]

Unmasking a conspiracy[]


AZI-3 and Fives sneak around Kamino.

Due to his role in helping Fives to defy his superiors' orders, AZI-3 was sent to have his memory wiped in order to purge his knowledge of these chips and their malfunctioning. On the way, AZI-3 casually informed Fives that the clone trooper was to undergo a memory wipe as well and to be reassigned to sanitation duty. Realizing that the Kaminoans were trying to hide a conspiracy, Fives broke free of his captors and fled the medical suite with AZI-3 in tow. The two stole a Kaminoan flight pod from a hangar and fled into the skies above Tipoca City.[8]

Fives then informed AZI-3 that his plan was to use the flight pod's autopilot to distract the Kaminoan security forces while he and AZI-3 returned to the clone laboratories to continue their investigation into the "tumors." Fives flung AZI-3 into the sea before jumping in as well. AZI-3 then revealed that he could reconfigure his body into an improvised hover mode. AZI-3 and Fives then re-entered Tipoca City through a service hatch. Under Five's orders, AZI-3 lured another clone trooper into the service area so that Fives could knock him unconscious and steal his armor.[8]

The two then made their way to Kamino's Genetic Records Hall, where AZI-3 compared the tumor's DNA to that of the late Jango Fett, who had been the clone troopers' genetic template. The scan confirmed that the "tumor" did not match Fett's genotype and that it was an organic chip that had been implanted into Tup. After Nala Se learned of their presence, AZI-3 and Fives escaped Shaak Ti and several clone troopers through a ceiling hatch. While crawling through the service tunnels, AZI-3 speculated that the chip had an unknown purpose. Fives convinced AZI-3 to operate on him in order to investigate whether he too had the implant.[8]


Fives is operated upon by AZI-3.

After finding a sterile room, AZI-3 operated on Fives and found a healthy chip inside his head. The two then headed to the embryo room. On the way, they passed through a training room, and AZI-3 tried to distract the Kaminoan instructors by singing. After entering the embryo room, AZI-3 and Fives discovered that all of the clone embryos had been implanted with the chips at the third stage of their development. The two fugitives were soon cornered by Shaak Ti, Nala Se, and several clone troopers. Se wanted to destroy Fives on the grounds that he was an "aberrant" clone who was Kaminoan property. However, Ti insisted that the clones were the property of the Galactic Republic and convinced Se to allow Fives and the chips to be presented to Supreme Chancellor Palpatine, who was secretly Darth Sidious.[8]

AZI-3 expressed jubilation that he had helped Fives prove his case to Se and Shaak Ti. He escorted Fives to a transport that took him to the galactic capital, Coruscant.[8] Despite the efforts of AZI-3 and Fives, Darth Sidious and his Sith apprentice Darth Tyranus successfully conspired to prevent AZI-3 from revealing the existence of the inhibitor chips to the wider public. The concealed clone inhibitor chips would play an important role in advancing Darth Sidious' Great Jedi Purge at the end of the Clone Wars.[7]

Early Empire[]

Changes on Kamino[]

Sometime before the arrival of Clone Force 99 on Kamino, AZI-3 would form a bond with the modified clone Omega who, at the time, worked as a lab assistant for the Kaminoans.[4] Omega regularly assisted the droid by adjusting his boosters for him.[9] Soon after the execution of Order 66 and formation of the Galactic Empire, AZI-3 performed medical checks upon CT-1409 "Echo" after he was knocked out by a clone trooper during a brawl in the mess hall on Kamino after the Bad Batch had returned from their mission on Kaller. Echo initially panicked upon waking up in the medical bay, but Omega calmed him down, and AZI-3 informed him that his condition was stable. When the rest of the Bad Batch arrived, however, the droid worriedly informed them that they were all genetically defective clones. Wrecker was alarmed by the announcement, but the others were already aware of this and did not react, and AZI-3 departed after telling them he would leave them to process their shock.[4]


AZI-3 was shot by a shock trooper officer.

Later, AZI-3 entered Clone Force 99's barracks alongside Omega, who wished to learn more about the squad while they were away on a mission. AZI-3 urged against their presence in the barracks, until Omega convinced him they were present for research. After being convinced, AZI-3 began digging through Clone Force 99's belongings to find what they were "researching," at one point being scared by a dismembered B1-series battle droid head. When Omega and AZI-3 attempted to covertly leave the barracks, they were stopped by a shock trooper officer, who attempted to detain Omega. AZI-3 tried to stop the officer, stating that they were official Kaminoan personnel; however, the officer stunned AZI-3 and took Omega to the brig. Omega later escaped Kamino with the Bad Batch.[4]

AZI-3 was later present while CT-9904 "Crosshair" underwent a medical evaluation, overlooking the procedures and seeing that his vitals were all at optimum levels. Greeting the clone, the droid assumed he would be pleased to know the news, but Crosshair simply ordered the droid to leave, which AZI-3 did.[10] While a fugitive, Omega was captured by the bounty hunter Cad Bane, who had been hired by the Kaminoans. Bane's droid, Todo 360, had been damaged during her capture, and Omega eventually persuaded him to let her fix him, something he had been failing at. After reattaching his leg, Omega performed a booster adjustment, comparing it to what she had done for AZI-3, before rendering Todo unconscious in her attempt to escape.[9]


AZI-3 hid in Nala Se's private lab until the arrival of the Bad Batch.

The Empire eventually cancelled the Kaminoans' cloning contracts and began moving all useful personnel, data, and equipment out of Tipoca City. Nala Se was taken into Imperial custody after Vice Admiral Rampart discovered she had been preparing to flee the planet with other medical personnel.[11] As part of the operation, the Imperials began deactivating the city's droids en masse, as well as rounding up important scientists and killing anyone who refused to cooperate. Witnessing this, AZI-3 managed to escape and hide in Nala Se's private lab underneath the city. He encountered the Bad Batch and Omega there when they infiltrated the city via a secret landing platform connected to the lab, hoping to rescue squad leader Hunter, who had been captured by the Empire. AZI-3 initially surprised the group, who pointed their weapons at him, but stood down when Omega recognized him. Omega took AZI-3 with them in the rescue. He stayed with Omega when the Batch confronted Crosshair alone, only to fall into his trap. AZI-3 and Omega helped the Batch out by reactivating the training droids.[12]

Fleeing Tipoca City[]

After Imperial Venator-class Star Destroyers destroyed Tipoca City, sending it to the bottom of the ocean, AZI-3 was able to help Omega free Crosshair from debris before he drowned. When reunited with the others, following Tech's instructions, he cut a hole from the lowest room of the city into the underwater pipe line that would lead them back to the Marauder. AZI-3 helped to reactivate the power but ended up short circuiting it when driving away an underwater predator that was attacking the Batch. The pipe ended up leading them back to Nala Se's secret lab, but after some time they were able to come up with the idea of having them placed inside large medical capsules to float to the surface. Crosshair suggested that AZI-3 should guide them, and despite being dangerously low on power, AZI-3 agreed to the plan.[13]


AZI-3 sinks after losing power while saving Omega.

After getting in, they set explosives off on the windows to flood the lab. While guiding the capsules around sinking debris and towards the surface, AZI-3 then had to rescue Omega by cutting away heavy debris that led him to lose all of his power. Concluding the task and saving Omega, he shut down and sank into the ocean. Not wanting to lose him, Omega opened her capsule and dived after him, almost drowning herself in the process. However, Crosshair shot a grapple onto AZI-3 and pulled the two up to the surface. When returning to the Marauder, the powerless AZI-3 was carried by Wrecker into the ship to recharge.[13]

With Clone Force 99[]

"You are all quite late. Mistress Cid has been extremely vocal about her displeasure."
―AZI-3, to Clone Force 99[14]

Once fully recharged, AZI-3 worked for Ciddarin Scaleback as a waiter at her parlor on Ord Mantell. When Clone Force 99 returned from their mission on[14] Aynaboni,[15] he greeted them with his full name, only for Wrecker to interrupt by reminding him that they already knew. AZI-3 then told them Scaleback had been extremely vocal about her displeasure of them being late, which was not a surprise to Echo.[14] AZI-3 later offered drinks to Echo while Scaleback discussed a new mission, but the clone did not notice him.[16]

AZI-3 later helped to heal Clone Force 99 after their failed mission and the loss of Tech. Soon Scaleback betrayed the clones to the Empire to which Hunter instructed Omega to escape through the mining tunnels with AZI-3. However, Omega, not wanting to lose another one of her brothers, disobeyed Hunter's order and went through the vents where they came out to find Hunter and Wrecker captured. Omega told AZI-3 to find Echo while she tried to save her brothers, but she later got stunned by clone commando Scorch from behind. AZI-3 and Echo hurried to the rescue, that led them to hijack an Imperial walker, only to be shot down by another. The two then went with Hunter and Wrecker back to the Marauder to go after the shuttle that had Omega. Unfortunately, the Imperial shuttle managed to take off and left Ord Mantell without leaving any trace on where they went. They later jumped into hyperspace and, as AZI-3 and the two clones mourned, Hunter vowed to search throughout the galaxy to find Omega.[17]

AZI-3 would eventually come to reside on Pabu. Hunter and Wrecker eventually found Omega, who had escaped with Crosshair's help, and brought the two to Pabu. As Crosshair struggled to adjust to the easygoing life on the island, AZI-3 helped Crosshair with target practice, hovering over the water and holding out fruit for Crosshair to aim at. AZI-3 helped track Crosshair's accuracy for him.[18] When Pabu was being attacked by the Empire, AZI-3 helped to heal Wrecker after The Marauder was destroyed. When later scouting, he then found Phee Genoa who he then briefed about the Imperial search on Pabu. He then took her to The Bad Batch through a trapdoor to where they were staying.


"I'm sorry. I always wanted to have human feelings...but I do not! Goodbye!"
―AZI-3, to Fives[6]

AZI-3 was an AZ-series surgical assistant droid[1] with masculine programming. He was an optimistic "by-the-books" droid who usually followed protocol. AZI-3 was also a skilled surgeon and was familiar with the computer systems at the Tipoca City cloning facilities.[8] He had an affinity for research assignments, telling Omega they were his "favorite."[4]

AZI-3 deeply cared for his clone-trooper patients. Fives was able to use AZI-3's devotion to his patients to convince the droid to help him investigate a "tumor" that was affecting his comrade Tup.[6] AZI-3 displayed considerable bravery and loyalty to his unlikely friend Fives during the course of their mission. AZI-3's knowledge of the Tipoca City cloning facilities enabled him to help Fives discover that all clone troopers were implanted with inhibitor chips for an unknown purpose,[8] later revealed to be Order 66.[7]


AZI-3 was a small floating medical droid with a humanoid head and torso, and several collapsible arms for performing surgery, which also possessed an integrated scomp link to interface with terminals.[13] He had repulsorlifts that allowed him to float.[6] AZI-3 was equipped with several survival modes, including one that allowed him to act as a miniature speeder.[8]

Behind the scenes[]

AZI-3 first appeared in The Clone Wars: The Lost Missions episodes "Conspiracy" and "Fugitive," which premiered on the German TV network Super RTL on February 15, 2014 and were later released in the US and Canada via Netflix on March 7, 2014. He was voiced by Ben Diskin.


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