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A Crash of Fate is a canon young-adult novel written by Zoraida Córdova. The novel is part of the Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge media project, and was published on August 6, 2019 by Disney–Lucasfilm Press. An audiobook of the novel was also produced.

Publisher's summary[]

Izzy and Jules were childhood best friends, climbing the spires of Batuu, inventing silly games, and dreaming of adventures they would share one day. Then Izzy's family left abruptly, without even a chance to say good-bye. Izzy's life became one of constant motion, from one world to the next, until her parents were killed and she became a low-level smuggler to make ends meet. Jules remained on Batuu, eventually becoming a farmer like his father, but always yearning for something more.

Now, thirteen years after she left, Izzy has returned to Batuu. She's been hired to deliver a mysterious parcel, and she just wants to finish the job and get gone. But upon arrival at Black Spire Outpost, she runs smack into the one person who still means something to her after all this time: Jules. And the attraction between them is instant and overwhelming.

Yet despite Jules seeming to be everything she's ever needed, Izzy hesitates. How can she drag such a good-hearted man into the perilous life she's chosen?

Jules has been unsure what his future holds, and now all he knows for certain is that he wants to be with Izzy. How can he convince her to take a chance on someone who's never left the safety of his homeworld?

When Izzy's job goes wrong, the two childhood friends find themselves on the run. And all their secrets will be revealed as they fight to stay alive....



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