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A Credit for Your Thoughts is a short story by Tish Eggleston Pahl and Chris Cassidy. It was originally published in Star Wars Gamer 2 in 2001.

Plot summary[]

Fenig Nabon enters the Black Dust Tavern to which she gets a drink from her bartender and friend Karl Mathieu Ancher in memory of her late foster-father Jett, before approaching her client Talon Karrde to discuss business. After she was paid, Talon discussed the aftermath of Jabba's death and the destruction of the second Death Star. Talon then gave her a Data disk as he was planning to establish a base to form an organization of smugglers. He then noticed Ghitsa Dogder, a Coruscant born Con artist who was currently pushing a scam with Aves and holding a Retinal disguiser. Wanting her to stop cheating on Talon's people, Fenig offered Talon to get her off Aves. Aves was starting to not take the bait when she arrived and told him that Talon wants him.

An arm belonging to a Gran Gecee arrived, angered at Dogder for selling him a code that caused a patrol in Kuat to try to apprehend him. She remarked on his foolishness to take the code at such a cheap price. Just as Gecee was about to swing a strike at Dogder, Fenig grabbed a bottle and smashed it on Gecee, causing a bar fight with over 50 patrons, including her friends Hrdinah and Radek, which was stopped by Karl with a Calli-Merc blaster pistol.

After Fenig helped Karl clean up the mess, she found herselve in a tense walk for her ship the Star Lady in the Soco-Jarel Spaceport while keeping an eye out for Gecee, only to find Ghitsa inside her ship. After a tense moment the two sat down to matters related to the bar fight and to the prospects of recent events in the Galaxy, to Fenn wanting to settle down on a vacation property. Just as Dogder would start to leave the Star Lady Fenig soon caught up to her to find Gecee armed with a heavy blaster. After convincing her to drop her blaster and tried to drag Dogder with him only for her to feign falling over with her high heels and grabbed his ear immobilising him. But his gang then radioed for an update and both realized that company was coming so Fenig picked up her blaster as Gecee's Swoop gang arrived and started shooting. Fenig managed to get the ship to life from the Spaceport.

With the help of Shind giving her the clearence for takeoff and giving Gecee a customs inspection notice, the two managed to clear the distance from their pursuers and the two then brokered a deal between them as the Star Lady jumped into Hyperspace.


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