"A Day's Duty" is a comic strip written by Martin Fisher, drawn by Eva Widermann and edited by Gunther Nickel. The story was published in the fifteenth issue of the Star Wars Rebels Magazine series by Egmont UK Ltd, which was released on February 24, 2016.

According to Fisher, the story takes place between the Star Wars Rebels episodes "Stealth Strike" and "The Future of the Force."[3]

Plot summary[]

The crew of the Ghost leave for a supply run to Crandel, leaving Ezra Bridger on the Phoenix home frigate to learn from Commander Jun Sato how the larger ships in the rebel fleet operate. He is joined by Mizel Pomdak who rushes into the lesson late, tripping and falling on the way in. Mizel complains to Sato that he couldn't get enough sleep due to being ordered to work through a number of technical manuals, Sato in turn threatens to have Mizel kicked off the ship before Ezra intervenes, defusing the situation and introducing himself to Mizel. Mizel has heard of Ezra and is impressed by him. The lesson begins with the engines and reactor systems of a CR90 Corvette and how they work together.

Later, the two students work together on the ship and Ezra asks Mizel what led him to fight against the empire. Mizel stowed away to get there, his family was blind to the lies of the empire but he saw through them and wanted to do something right. But Mizel feels he hasn't done anything right since arriving at the rebel fleet. He is disheartened but glad Ezra is there, citing the Jedi as his inspiration. Ezra explained that he isn't a Jedi yet and that even Jedi aren't perfect and can't solve every problem alone. Mizel's circuitry was faulty and Ezra pointed out his mistake before helping and encouraging the other boy.

Later on the two have finished altering a defense battery, Sato arrives and commends Ezra for his work but Mizel's work was lacking. Sato wants to see Mizel's potential unlocked. A friendly A Wing jumps out of hyperspace from a patrol near Rinn after being attacked, quickly followed by a number of imperial ships which quickly launch TIE fighters. Phoenix squadron moves to intercept. Ezra mans a station and lets Sato know that a battery is down, Mizel is sent to fix it, he wasn't confident but Sato reassures Mizel that he believed in him. Phoenix three was destroyed in the battle. Mizel thought he has fixed the battery but it blows up in his face, he tries again realising that Ezra had previously made a mistake; he fixes it and the tide of the battle turned in their favour.

Ghost arrives and together the fleet jumps to hyperspace, successfully escaping the battle. Ezra tells the the rest of the Spectres about his day and Mizel before Sato arrives and commends both Ezra and Mizel. Mizel reveals that Ezra made a mistake and Ezra gratefully returns to being the student to Kanan's teacher.



Notes and references[]

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