"A Day to Celebrate" was a song created by the Wookiees of Kashyyyk as a celebratory hymn for Life Day. It allowed Wookiees who couldn't attend their homeworld to celebrate in some small way, wherever they happened to be.

In 1 ABY,[2] Leia Organa sang this song for everyone in attendance at the Tree of Life.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

"The show ends with a tearful reunion with Chewbacca and family. Everyone gathers round as Carrie Fisher sings the Life Day song. This is pure torture, not because Fisher can't sing, but because it's so schmaltzy. Lyrics set to the tune of the Star Wars theme? Yeecchh!"
Jon Bradley Snyder[src]

"A Day to Celebrate" was performed by Carrie Fisher in The Star Wars Holiday Special. It features lyrics written by Ken and Mitzie Welch, set to a rearranged version of the Star Wars main theme by John Williams.[3] According to writer Bruce Vilanch, Fisher insisted on being able to sing in the Holiday Special, and even performed a few songs for him on piano.[4] The original recording of the song was featured on a CD included with the 2007 book The Star Wars Vault.[5]



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