"A Disarming Lesson" is the fifteenth episode of the animated micro-series Star Wars: Forces of Destiny' second season. It was released on May 4, 2018.

Official descriptionEdit

Ahsoka gives Ezra a lesson in finding his inner strength and trusting in the Force when she disarms him and pressures him to adapt to her attacks on the fly.

Plot summaryEdit

On an unknown green planet, Ahsoka Tano stumbles upon Ezra Bridger practicing with his first lightsaber. When she asks him how he got his lightsaber, Ezra explains that he obtained the kyber crystal with the help of Master Yoda at the Lothal Jedi Temple. Ezra shows Tano his lightsaber and crystal. When she asks him how it is like to have a lightsaber, Ezra replies that it makes him strong, powerful, and confident.

Tano asks him if he is not strong and powerful without it and tosses the crystal away. When Ezra demands to know why she did that, Tano reiterates her question. Ezra replies no and Tano says that she thought his weapon made him powerful. Ezra says not without the crystal, prompting Tano to activate one of her white lightsabers. She advances on him with her blade and tells Ezra she is teaching him. Ezra complains that Kanan never taught him like this. Tano replies that it will be a good lesson before resuming her charge.

When Ezra protests he has no way of defending himself, Tano asks him mockingly "don't you." As Tano advances again, Ezra asks how he is going to concentrate on finding his crystal if she keeps attacking him. Tano replies "indeed." While meditating in the Force, Ezra dodges her blade several times. He manages to find his crystal and intercepts her blade. As the two meet, Tano observes that Ezra needs his weapon after all. Ezra replies that he learned that if he focuses, he could learn to evade her. When Tano asks why he got his crystal back. Ezra jokes that he was getting tired. The two then exchange laughs.



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