A Hot Time in the Cold Town Tonite! is the second short comic that appeared in Star Wars Tales 6. It was written by Ian Edginton and penciled by Mark Martin and Rick Neilsen.

Plot summary[]

The Max Rebo Band is heading to Hoth in their tourbus starship. While talking about the upcoming gig, they realize that none of them have organized it. It is then that a Holographic recording of Jabba reveals that he has sent them to perform for Jabba's "friend" Bingo Mehndra. Jabba ends his message with the words "I want you to bring the house down" and laughs as the message ends. The band realizes that Jabba's last sentence was probably more literal than metaphorical, knowing Jabba. Landing on the planet they meet Bingo, who is enthusiastic, but threatens to feed the band to his pet Wampa if they are planning any trickery against him. While setting up, Droopy McCool comes across bombs inside their speakers which are to detonate when the band plays, killing Bingo and them as well. Not wanting to end up being eaten or blown up, Max thinks up a plan to avoid both.

The band plays the concert and then plays an encore, but after the encore Sy Snootles says to the crowd, "You've been a great audience, Orto... Thank you! Goodnight!" Realizing there is treachery afoot, one of Bingo's men reaches up onto the stage to stop the band members leaving, but it turns out they are holograms. Bingo yells and threatens to feed them all to his Wampa once it they are caught; but it is too late, the bombs explodes.

Making it off the planet just outside of the massive explosion, the band comments on their adventure. Deciding that avoiding going back to Jabba would be far too dangerous, the band heads back to Tatooine.


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