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The A New Hope Limited set was the first full expansion set of the Star Wars Customizable Card Game. It consisted of 162 cards dividing into 81 Dark Side and 81 Light Side, and was introduced in July of 1996. This set consisted of 54 rare, 54 uncommon, and 54 common cards. This set introduced many of the classic characters from Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope, that were not included in the original base set, Premiere Limited. This set also introduced the first epic event cards, such as Commence Primary Ignition and Attack Run, to the game.

Because this is an expansion set, it bears an expansion-set symbol, which is located near the top right corner of the card, to the right of the lore and below the destiny number. The symbols for this set are clashing lightsabers.

This set was sold in 15-card expansion packs and 36-pack expansion boxes. Each pack included one rare card, four uncommon cards, and ten common cards. Starter decks were never produced for this set. The set went out of print in September of 1998, when the A New Hope Revised Unlimited set came out—an almost identical set with some minor revisions to game text, and with white borders instead of black. A Japanese-text set was released for this expansion set in Japan.

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