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"A Perilous Rescue" is the tenth episode of the second season of LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures.

Official description[]

Yearning for adventure and excitement, Rowan launches himself on a solo mission that brings him face-to-face with M-OC. …[1]

Plot summary[]

A trinity of evil[]

At the top pinnacle of the Imperial Palace (which was formerly the Jedi Temple), the Emperor Palpatine asks M-OC if he is absolutely sure the ship is called the Arrowhead. The Emperor chastises him for not bringing him the Kyber Saber and Rowan Freemaker. When the Emperor says that Rowan built a starship that is tearing his fleet apart, M-OC replies that is most unfortunate. The Emperor retorts that it is a catastrophe which he blames on M-OC, which Darth Vader agrees.

The Emperor asks how they can defeat the Arrowhead and if the Death Star can blow it up. Lord Vader reports that there have been unprecedented construction issues with the second Death Star. The Emperor sighs and asks if they can't get the Wroshyr wood for his dining room. Vader reassures the Emperor that the furniture looks quite nice. He tells the Emperor that they can't find enough kyber crystals to power up the second Death Star and tells him that he has hired a Hutt.

Palpatine considers zapping his two servants to death but he decides that it would be better that the two of them work together to capture Rowan. The Emperor also desires the Arrowhead, the Kyber Saber, and hopes that Rowan can lead them to more kyber crystals. Though Vader and M-OC don't like each other, they oblige.

War on Kashyyyk[]

In the jungles of Kashyyyk, Rebel Alliance forces and their Wookiee allies are locked in a battle against Imperial ground forces. Chief Attiburra topples a tree trunk on top of a group of scout troopers, earning the praise of Lieutenant Valeria. However, she tells Attiburra and his son Tantarra that they still need more air support. Valeria contacts the Arrowhead for air cover as an AT-ST walker charges into the battle.

The rebel troopers retreat onto an Auzituck anti-slaver gunship as Valeria calls the Freemakers for help. The AT-ST and scout troopers converge on the Wookiee gunship. Kordi Freemaker answers Valeria's distress call and tries to shift the blame onto Zander Freemaker for incorrectly programing their navigation computer. Rowan Freemaker tells them to stop fighting and focus on the Empire. The Arrowhead descends onto the shores of the Kashyyyk beach and destroys the AT-ST walker, sending the AT-ST drivers scurrying.

Valeria and her rebel troops and Wookiee allies force the Imperials to retreat into the jungle, However, their cheers are cut short by the thumping of AT-AT walkers. Three AT-AT walkers advance on the beach. Kordi addresses the Imperial walker crew via comlink and tells them to surrender immediately. However, the AT-AT commander thinks she is bluffing. Having tried to "play nice," Kordi allows Zander and Rowan to deploy the Embersteel Blade.

The Arrowhead's Embersteel Blade slashes through the flexible armored tunnels linking the walkers' command sections with their troop sections, causing the AT-ATs to topple to the ground. The surviving Imperials beat a hasty retreat into the jungles. Valeria complements the Freemakers for their nice work as the Arrowhead flies into the horizon.

Triumph and boredom[]

The Arrowhead returns to the MC80 Star Cruiser Home One escorted by a complement of T-65 X-wing starfighters where they receive a hero's welcome. Kordi is modest but Zander is exuberant. Roger also presents the Freemakers with some sweet-sand cookies that he has baked. Admiral Ackbar, Mon Mothma, and Generals Crix Madine and Hera Syndulla also arrive on the deck to greet the Freemakers.

Admiral Ackbar tells them that their victory on Kashyyyk was hard won. Mothma adds that now is the time to maintain pressure on the Empire and that there are many battles to be waged around the galaxy. Syndulla informs the rebel crew that each squadron is to be deployed to a star system and to await further orders. Ackbar bids the rebel pilots May the Force be with you. Gold Team gathers while Lieutenant Valeria musters Blue Squadron, telling them they can polish their medals later. As the rebel fighters depart, Roger asks whether it gets anymore exciting.

Valeria invites Zander to come with her telling him that Blue Squadron can make use of his super-piloting skills. Zander is excited and Kordi remarks that he could not stay cool in a Hoth blizzard. General Syndulla praises Kordi for her intuitive battle tactics. Mon Mothma invites her to join their Strategy Council, which an exuberant Kordi accepts. Hera reassures Kordi that she will be fine while Rowan cheers his sister on.

Roger, who has three cookies left, asks what they are supposed to do. Rowan decides to build an Ugly but finds that the starship builder Quarrie is asleep. BG-81 awakes the sleeping Quarrie, who inspects Rowan's Ugly. He thinks that it's a fine ship but opines that it lacks a purpose. He tells Rowan that the Arrowhead gave the Rebellion the purpose it needs to win the war. When Rowan asks what he should do, Quarrie counsels him to relax because he has earned it. Rowan is perplexed because he has never tried to relax. As Quarrie snoozes, Rowan remarks that he is a "pro."

Imperial rivals[]

At the Imperial Palace, Darth Vader meets with M-OC, who is sifting through the Imperial data network looking for signs of Rowan. Vader rubbishes M-OC's efforts. When M-OC asks what he is doing, Vader replies that he is communing with the Force. M-OC finds the Force perposterous but Vader counters that he finds M-OC annoying. M-OC says he feels no emotions but says that he would find Vader annoying if he had them. Vader throws the table aside in a fit of rage and the two ignite their lightsabers and cross blades.

The Emperor finds the two of them dueling. Vader pretends to be giving M-OC lightsaber lessons and the droid agrees to update his files. The Emperor is pleased to see his two minions seemingly sharing their skills. After the Emperor leaves, both of them vow to find Rowan through their own means.

Rowan's solo mission[]

Meanwhile, Rowan finds that he is unable to relax for more than one minute and six seconds. Rowan tells Roger that he is bored and wants to do something. Rowan tells Roger that he is so bored that he wouldn't mind fighting M-OC again. Roger questions Rowan's reasoning but Rowan says that his siblings are not relaxing and wants to join them in fighting the Empire.

Rowan then receives a hologram transmission from the Lurmen girl Maynar, claiming that the Empire has returned to Qalydon to take their crystals and has brought reinforcements. She pleads for help. Rowan is exuberant and tells Roger he is headed for Qalydon. Roger tells Rowan that he can't rescue Maynar alone but Rowan counters that he is the only Freemaker who is available since Kordi and Zander are preoccupied. Rowan tells a reluctant Roger that he is coming along. Roger grumbles that he hates it when Rowan uses him to justify his bad decisions.

While traveling through hyperspace aboard the StarScavenger, Roger tries to tell Rowan that it is not too late to turn back. Rowan refuses to abandon his rescue mission and thinks it would be easy. As they exit hyperspace, Rowan and Roger encounter several TIE fighters. Rowan leads the TIES on a chase before turning around and wiping out the starfighters using the StarScavenger's firepower. Roger warns Rowan that TIEs are not low-hanging fruit.

On Qalydon, Rowan flies the StarScavenger to the location of Maynar's distress transmission. Roger worries that it sounds too easy. Rowan grumbles that Roger complains when it is too hard or too easy. He ignores Roger's advice to turn around and go home.

Kordi's moment of glory[]

Aboard the Home One, Admiral Ackbar briefs the rebel leadership about their planned attack on Dubrillion. Gold Team would execute an air-sea raid on the planet. When Mon Mothma asks who is left, Hera says that Lieutenant Valeria's Blue Squadron is free. She adds that that Arrowhead is flying with them. Ackbar says they need a large target to use the Arrowhead's massive firepower against.

When Hera asks Kordi for her ideas, Kordi tells her that she has been researching Imperial repair schedules and has learned that an entire fleet of Imperial Star Destroyers would converge on the Imperial repair depot above the planet Alzoc III. Kordi adds that it was a bad idea for the Empire to put a lot of assets in one spot. Admiral Ackbar agrees with Kordi's plan and gets Corcillo to hail Lieutenant Valeria. Admiral Ackbar assigns Valeria a mission and tasks Kordi with briefing her.

Breaching the Imperial base[]

While Kordi briefs Valeria, Rowan spies on the Imperial facility with his macrobinoculars. The base is guarded by two stormtroopers. Roger tries to dissuade Rowan by saying that Kordi is not around. Rowan has an idea and tells Roger to bring his wrench. Roger approaches the stormtroopers with his wrench and tells them to surrender. The stormtroopers laugh at the B1-series battle droid. However, Rowan knocks them out from behind with the Force. Rowan gets Roger to tie up the unconscious stormtroopers and to keep watch for any Imperials. Roger obliges. Rowan enters the Imperial base but can't find Maynar. The base door's ominously shut behind him.

Raid on the Alzoc III repair depot[]

Valeria leading the starfight attack on the Alzoc III rescue depot

Meanwhile, the Imperial officer Estoc arrives aboard the Star Destroyer Desolator at the Imperial repair facility near Alzoc III. The Imperial AT-AT commander from Kashyyyk tells Estoc of his encounter with the Arrowhead and also thanks her for picking him and his men up. He marvels at the massed Imperial Star Destroyers converging on the space repair facility. Valeria complains that Imperial bureaucracy always overbooks the repair depots.

Klaxons ring and an Imperial officer informs Estoc that several X-wings are approaching at 3 o'clock. Estoc laughs that one tiny squadron could not harm their fleet. She tells them to shut off the alarm. Exiting hyperspace, Valeria tells her team to give them the "Blue Squadron salute." The AT-AT commander thinks the rebels are pathetic. Estoc agrees and orders her fleet to return fire. At that moment, the Arrowhead exits hyperspace and swoops down on them. The AT-AT commander panics while Estoc notices the unfamiliar ship.

Piloting the Arrowhead, Zander says that we may be small but we fight. He uses the Arrowhead's Embersteel Blade to behead the bridge of a Star Destroyer. Zander proceeds to attack the rest of the fleet. The AT-AT commander tries to convince Estoc to order a retreat but she orders all Star Destroyers to open fire and unleash the full wrath of the mighty Empire. Zander slices a second Star Destroyer in half and ploughs through several more ships, causing them to explode.

Zander is however caught in the tractor beam of Estoc's Desolator. Estoc is jubilant and tells Zander that his ship would make a good prize for the Empire. However, Zander gets Valeria to disable the tractor beam projector. He then proceeds to rip the Desolator in half with the Embersteel Blade. The Arrowhead and Blue Squadron depart, leaving wrecked Star Destroyers behind. The AT-AT commander tells Estoc that the Arrowhead was the fighter he had sighted from Kashyyyk. Estoc frowns in humiliation.

M-OC's trap[]

Inside the Imperial base, Rowan ignites his lightsaber. He hears Maynar's voice and enters the chamber only to discover that it is a hologram projection created by M-OC. M-OC then materializes with his lightsabers. M-OC is delighted to see that Rowan has come alone and the two cross blades. Rowan counters that M-OC is trapped in here with him and hurls several pieces of broken boxes at him.

However, M-OC easily slices through the pieces with his lightsabers and tells Rowan that he is mistaken. M-OC also boasts that he has accumulated a massive amount of data on Rowan and learned his tricks. M-OC strikes Rowan on the chest with his blade, leading a slight gash. Rowan remains defiant and charges at M-OC. However, the droid leaps away with his appendages and parries with Rowan. A frustrated Rowan tells M-OC to stop copying him.

Rowan Force-leaps on top of a set of crates. However, M-OC mockingly tells Rowan that he has anticipated all his tricks. Rowan uses a support beam to leap on top of M-OC but the hunter droid intercepts his blade. In an attempt to confuse M-OC, Rowan destroys the storeroom's light bulb with his lightsaber. He then takes the opportunity to flee but M-OC has already anticipated his move. Rowan tries to escape the base but finds that the blast doors are shut. Rowan calls Roger for help.

Outside, Roger mocks his two stormtrooper prisoners, telling them that clone troopers and stormtroopers are no match for the B1-battle droid's fined-tuned sensors. However, Roger is ambushed from behind by Darth Vader who slices him into pieces.

Captive of the Empire[]

Meanwhile, Rowan is hiding in a storeroom from M-OC, who tells him that his fate is sealed. With the exits sealed, M-OC slashes the crate and tells Rowan that he was able to lure Rowan into a trap by exploiting his impulsiveness and heart for others. M-OC says that he used the Lurmen girl to prey on his "weak, sympathetic" heart. M-OC opens a crate only to discover that it is empty. Rowan then attacks M-OC from behind and slices off his left arm and left appendage.

However, M-OC throws Rowan back and reassembles himself. He also seizes Rowan's lightsaber and taunts his opponent. M-OC moves in for the kill but Rowan uses his Force Building skills to surround himself with spiraling pieces of wrecked cargo crates. M-OC slices through the obstacles and tells Rowan that he has failed. However, M-OC is interrupted by Darth Vader who uses the Force to hurl M-OC upside down.

Lord Vader mocks M-OC by telling him that it is he who has failed. While complimenting M-OC's plan, he tells the droid that his plan was better and hurls M-OC against the wall. Vader tears M-OC apart with his own bombs. Rowan tries to escape while Vader uses the Force to rip off M-OC's head. Vader mocks M-OC by telling him that he does all the work while Vader gets the boy. As M-OC's eye sensors turn dim, Vader throws Rowan to the ground and tells him that the Emperor awaits him on Coruscant.

Vader departs Qalydon on a Lambda-class shuttle while a damaged Roger, who is missing legs, can only watch in horror.

Bad news[]

Meanwhile, a jubilant Zander and Kordi reunite aboard the Home One, happy to share their victories. The two decide to tell Rowan of their victories. When they discover the StarScavenger is missing, Roger returns aboard the cargo freighter, crashing into an A-wing starfighter in the process. The damaged Roger tells Zander and Kordi that Darth Vader has captured Rowan and that he is on Coruscant with the Emperor.


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Notes and references[]

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