"A Race for Answers" is a comic story that was published as the lead story of Star Wars Adventures (2017) 23 on July 3, 2019.

Plot summary[]

Joining the race[]

After the Battle of Endor,[2] Lando Calrissian and Chewbacca were sent on a mission to stop pirates from raiding Alliance to Restore the Republic supply lines. Chewbacca was reluctant to stay back on Endor to keep partying but Calrissian insisted he come along to leave Han Solo and Leia Organa alone. Calrissian got a lead on a former podracer who had a connection to the pirate problem. The podracer was going to be part of a battle race and Calrissian planned to join to intercept him.

They arrived in the Millennium Falcon at Neskar Station for the race. Calrissian located the informate's starship, the Widowmaker piloted by the Dug, Sebulba. The announcer called all the racer to the start and began the countdown. He shouted for the race to began and the ships took many opening fire on each other.

Imperial interruption[]

The dogfighting continued all around Calrissian as he tried to follow Sebulba. But then a Imperial Star Destroyer appeared and stopped the fight. The Imperial officer onboard the Star Destroyer ordered the racers to surrender and join the Galactic Empire.

Calrissian was having none of this and came up with a plan to stop the Empire. He called into the other racers and introduced himself as the leader of Gold Squadron. He convinced the other racers to join him and take on the incoming Imperial forces. They all rally behind him an charge toward the incoming TIE fighters.

All around the star destroyer, the racers were chasing down the TIE fighters as Calrissian barked orders to them. They took out the shield generator and the Imperials were in full retreat. The racers all celebrated but Calrissian then asked them that he knew one of them had information he needed. Realizing that the rebel general was referring to him, Sebulba attempted to make a quick dash out of the area but was stopped by the Falcon. Sebulba was angry that he was captured but Calrissian was happy that his plan worked out.


"A Race for Answers" features the Millennium Falcon's rectenna, which was destroyed during the Battle of Endor.[3] However, this comic takes place after the Battle of Endor, as it refers to the Galactic Empire as having been defeated.


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Notes and references[]

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