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"Things grow steadily worse on Cularin as the Metatheran Cartel's heavy hand settles atop the locals. All smiles and promises, the Cartel seems to believe they are indestructible, that they have Cularin firmly in their grasp. Do you have what it takes to save Cularin from the offworld threat of the Cartel?"
―Introductory blurb for A Revelation[src]

A Revelation, also titled Revelation and Refutation, was a year one (31 BBY) Living Force adventure. It was part three of the Eye of the Sun trilogy, written by Morrie Mullins.

Plot summary[edit | edit source]

A month after the Cularin resistance was discovered by a group of heroes, the leader of the resistance, Gerta Haman, contacted those heroes for assistance. The resistance had gained most of the evidence they needed against the Metatheran Cartel, but were having trouble coming up with the last few pieces. She needed someone to infiltrate the Cartel's office in Gadrin, but felt that any resistance members who had left their normal lives would be noticed too quickly if they returned, and she did not wish to risk any resistance member who had remained secretly in the towns. The heroes agreed to get the evidence for her. She gave them a datapad with decryption codes written by the famed slicer Baylan to gain the necessary information.

The heroes succeeded in infiltrating the office and downloaded the information onto the datapad. Searching the office while the programs were running, the heroes found a hidden safe which contained another datapad, this one marked with Velin Wir's personal insignia. This datapad held Wir's personal account logs, as well as details on who the Cartel bribed to gain the trade benefits that it had. As they were leaving the office, an alarm was triggered, and the infiltrating group had to escape from Cartel guards who quickly arrived on the scene by speeders.

Escaping from the Cartel guards, the heroes took the two datapads to the resistance's base within the Cloud Mountain mines. Along the way, they discovered a crashed shuttle. Among the ship's remains, they found a datapad manifest which indicated that the ship had been carrying turbolasers and heavy laser cannons, along with the parts necessary to install and firelink them, all of which were missing from the crash site.

At the mines, after an unfortunate encounter with a dua-wurm, the heroes handed over the datapads to the resistance. They were almost exactly what the resistance needed, but they were missing two key files which had been transferred to the Cartel's jungle base. Unfortunately, the extra datapad that was found in the offices had a transmitter which the Cartel used to find the resistance's base. While the resistance prepared to attack the jungle base, the Cartel struck first. Although the attack was repulsed, Gerta Haman was seriously injured, saved only by the quick actions of the outsiders.

The resistance quickly moved on its plan to attack the Cartel base, now driven partly by revenge. While Broof Yurdel and his Gungans led the attack against the Cartel's security forces, the outsiders slipped around the fighting to find the records room and retrieve the two key files. They found Velin Wir waiting for them, and were surprised when he drew a lightsaber and attacked them. Wir was no Jedi but was skilled enough to hold off the heroes for a time. He ultimately met his end when he was disarmed of the lightsaber, which had been proximity linked to a tiny thermal detonator implanted in Wir's chest. The detonator was set off when he was separated from the lightsaber by a distance a bit less than three meters.

The resistance's fighters triumphed over the Cartel forces, and the implicating files were retrieved. As the resistance led their defeated opponents away from the jungle base, a surprise volley of turbolaser strikes descended from above and annihilated the base. The volley came from a Cartel ship in orbit, the Cartel cleaning up the mess created by a "rogue envoy."

The Metatheran Cartel withdrew from the planet for a time, but sent new envoys to try to smooth over their relations with Cularin. On the day after the battle, a grand celebration was thrown in Gadrin. Beneath the statue of Reidi Artom, the leaders of the resistance and the allied outsiders were hailed as heroes and received medals from Governor Barnab Chistor.

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