A Tale from the Dark Side was a short story by George R. Strayton, originally published in the Tales of the Jedi Companion by West End Games. It was later reprinted in the Star Wars Insider 88 online supplement on Hyperspace. The story takes place in 4000 BBY.

Plot summary[]

Vara Nreem, a Human, female Jedi Knight travels to Krayiss Two to study Sith teachings at a hidden Sith Temple without falling to the dark side. She planned to pretend a position of neutrality in order to gain entrance to the temple. The site of the temple was masked by a black obelisk protruding from the ground. Using chants she had learned from the Jedi Archives, she began a ritual in which she hoped would reveal the entrance to the banks of knowledge.

As Vara finished the ritual the Sith library rose up from below the surface of the ground, the obelisk standing atop it as a spire. Vara's entrance was blocked by a Sith spirit. The spirit saw through Vara's scheme and mocked her ignorance of the power of the dark side, revealing the spirits of those who had come before her. Vara recognized the images as Jedi Masters, trapped in their own unsuccessful attempts to do as Vara had planned.

Vara drew her lightsaber to protect herself from the spirit who wished to claim her; the spirit attacked and her blows passed harmlessly through it. Before Vara died she wished that she could warn other Jedi away from sharing a similar fate and that she had not underestimated the dark side of the Force.


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