A Two-Edged Sword, erroneously printed as Two-Edged Sword,[2] is a short story in Star Wars Insider 85 written by Karen Traviss. It is the sequel to In His Image. Both were included in the paperback version of Legacy of the Force: Betrayal.

It follows Darth Vader and Palpatine training clones for the stormtrooper corps and explores Vader's thoughts of betrayal and paranoia. It is set in about 18 BBY.

Plot summaryEdit

Vader is on Yinchorr training clones of Sa Cuis in lightsaber combat, with the Emperor and Imperial lieutenant Erv Lekauf. In addition various Dark Jedi were cloned and trained, particularly the Emperor's Hand Sheyvan. Returning to Coruscant, Sheyvan and the Cuis clones revolt on Palpatine's shuttle.

Stormtrooper Saber art

Darth Vader engages the stormtroopers.

Vader makes his way to the revolt and overhears Sheyvan yelling out that Palpatine will betray them all. Vader disregards this and plans with Lekauf, Pepin, and Nele to storm the bulkhead with flamethrowers before Vader enters to finish them off. In the chaos Lekauf is burned by a backlash of fire, and is subsequently given bacta. After entering the bulkhead, Vader fights with Sheyvan and kills him. Lekauf survives and is able to return to his family on Coruscant; his injuries remind Vader of his former self.

Vader is so impressed by Lekauf's actions that he orders more Lekauf clones to be created.


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