"A Warrior and a Lurdo" is the twelfth episode of the second season of Ewoks. Written by Michael Dubil and directed by Dale Schott, the episode originally aired on ABC on October 25, 1986.

Plot summaryEdit

Wicket decides to get Chief Chirpa's attention by training a warrior himself. He makes a bet with Latara that he can do it in one day. Latara chooses Teebo. During training, Wicket and Teebo get into many misadventures including meeting a giant water creature called a Blog. A family of tiny Tambles claims the Blog has created a dam and dried up their river. They ask Teebo to help, but his attempts at defeating the Blog with his new found warrior training is unsuccessful. It is not until he uses his magic that the dam is broken and the blog is swept away. Since Teebo ends up using magic, and not his 'warrior training', Latara declares Wicket lost the bet and he must babysit her younger brother and sister for twenty days. Kneesaa and Teebo find this most amusing.



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2x12 latara victoria

A victoria on Latara's head.


  • Blog (First appearance)
  • Giant bird-like creature
  • Squirrel-like creatures
  • Wild grounder


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Behind the scenesEdit

In Ewokese, "lurdo" means "loser".

A coloring blooper occurs early in the episode: Paploo makes a brief appearance with the other warriors, but in later shot, he is recolored, appearing to be a completely different Ewok.


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