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"A clone trooper always obeys orders" is the fourteenth in a series of comics on the LEGO Star Wars website. It is a direct follow-up to "Do Clones dream of Electric Mynocks?". It was placed on the website July 1, 2009.

Plot summaryEdit

The comic begins with Ahsoka Tano telling clone trooper 1137 about how she came to meet him. As the two walk along, a Hyena droid bomber flies down and shoots at them. Ahsoka ignites her lightsaber to take care of the droid. However, the bomber lands and the rocket battle droids on it surrender at the mere sight of the lightsaber. Ahsoka then recognizes the droid as the ones that made her and her master lose R2-D2. 1137 also recognizes them as the droids that misinformed his squad that Artoo was on the planet, but the droids claim those were other droids. At the mention of his squad, 1137 wonders what they are doing at that time. The comic then shows the group of clones still fighting the battle droids from the last story.

Meanwhile, the surrendered battle droids make a run for it just as 1137 receives a call. Ahsoka pursues the droids as 1137 discovers the call is from Supreme Chancellor Palpatine. Palpatine had ordered 1137's squad to find R2-D2 before the Jedi and had discovered there was a Jedi ship near 1137. Palpatine did not want any Jedi to interfere, but before he can finish giving an order, 1137 drops his communicator into a puddle. He is then joined by another member of his squad while the droids escape from Ahsoka. The two later say goodbye to Ahsoka as takes off in her starfighter. Both then rejoin the rest of their group while 1137's companion tells him they defeated the droids and took their tanks. Just after the group's commander informs them they will have to look for Artoo on another planet, they are asked by droids on a flying Hyena if they've seen a missing droid. The clones respond by opening fire on the droids as they leave.


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