The Aa'kuan Champion's Cave was the headquarters of the Aa'kuans on the planet Talus.


"A powerful anarchist has subverted our order of philosophical thinkers and has brainwashed them. They all need to be killed to bring back the balance to all things. Go find them and bring to them the gift of balance - with your blaster."
―An Aa'kuan champion, to a spacer[src]

The cave was the center of operations for the Aa'kuan on the planet Talus, in the Corellian system.[1] The Aa'kuans were anarchists who believed they had the right to govern themselves and that no authority had the right to invade other sentients' individual space, specifically, no government.[2]

Aa'kuan adepts in the cave.

By the time of the Battle of Yavin, Aa'kuans on Talus split into two factions.[3] While the Aa'kuans were mostly non-violent,[2] the Aa'kuans living in the Aa'kuan Champion's Cave started a bloody crusade against all those who refused to believe their doctrine, initiating a conflict with traditional and pacifist Aa'kuans.[3] Circa 1 ABY,[4] an adept of the True Aa'kuan Order requested a spacer to kill all the bloodthirsty members of the other Aa'kuan community in order to "bring back the balance to all things".[3]



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