Aach Een was a male Zabrak treasure hunter who was friends with Oolak Goyl.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Aach was born on Iridonia, the homeworld of his species, though he and his parents shortly moved to Raxus Prime on a reclamation problem, and Aach spent much of his childhood sifting through debris, utterly fascinated by the variety of technology from other cultures.

Aach realized that he had reached the limit of information he could obtain via garbage. He joined a local police force where he learned how to survive and underwent basic weapons training. Aach learned to understand foreign cultures perfectly, and could integrate himself like a native without ever arousing suspicion.

After traveling the galaxy, Aach applied to several esteemed universities for a job as a historian, though he was rejected over a lack of formal training. Annoyed, he took up a career of collecting historical artifacts by any means necessary, which included grave robbing and stealing from museums.

Sometime along this line of crime Aach met up with Oolak Goyl, who funded all of Aach's excursions for an occasional artifact or piece of information. Aach also managed to obtain a Firespray-31 starship Unearthed, which he used for his explorations.

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