"Are there no laws in the Aakaash system?"
Padawan Sean[1]

The Aakaash system was located in the Oplovis sector. According to Mostima, the population of the system was almost completely human with a population of 174.2 billion. It was largely independent from the Galactic Republic and was ruled by the Land & Sky Corporation. The system also had its own language that was remarked to be very difficult to learn.[1]

Around 300 BBY,[3] a suspect disappearance of a group of Gotal occurred without a proper explanation from the ruling corporation. This caused many Gotal to be wary of the sector to the extent that it was extremely rare for one to find a Gotal in the system.[1]

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Behind the scenes[]

The Aakaash system appears in the 2020 novel The Vow of Silver Dawn. The Chinese novel identifies the star system as "乾星系," which, in the context of Chinese philosophy, means "Heaven system," but also identifies the system as "乾坤星系" in some chapters.



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