"This one is definitely Bith, a recording method of an isolated island race, the Aalagar, that concocted the knotting style as a means of recording genealogies—'strings of ancestors.'"
―Dr. Rotham[3]

The Aalagar were a subspecies of the Bith, a sentient species from Clak'dor VII. The Aalagar lived on remote islands, isolated from other Bith communities. The Aalagar developed a form of communication that involved tying knots of string to convey elaborate symbology. The Dark Lady of the Sith Lumiya used a string of Aalagar symbology as part of a collection of prophetic Sith tassels that she used to attract Jacen Solo, whom she later turned to the dark side of the Force.

Biology and appearance[]

The Aalagar were one of the subspecies of the Bith[1]—others included the Y'bith[4]—a sentient species of highly advanced craniopods.[2]

Society and culture[]

The Aalagar developed a form of knot-tying in which they recorded their genealogy[1]—literally "strings" of ancestors.[3] This eventually evolved into a more complex form of communication,[1] capable of conveying recorded thoughts and statements.[3]


Clak'dor VII, the Aalagar homeworld

"He will ruin those who deny justice."
―An Aalagar knot string[3]

The Aalagar lived on remote islands on the planet Clak'dor VII,[1] located in the Mayagil sector of the Outer Rim Territories.[5] As the result of a Bith civil war centuries prior to the Galactic Civil War, their homeworld was transformed into a dangerous wasteland.[2] The Aalagar lived in isolation from the rest of the Bith species.[1]

Prior to the events of the Second Galactic Civil War, the Dark Lady of the Sith Lumiya used an Aalagar knot string as part of a series of tassels containing prophecies about Jacen Solo. The Aalagar strand contained the message "He will ruin those who deny justice." Lumiya left the series of tassels aboard Toryaz Station in 40 ABY, trusting Solo would be attracted to the artifact, and in the process of discovering its meaning be led to her. Solo eventually obtained a translation of the Aalagar symbology from Doctor Heilan Rotham of Lorrd. Knowing the tassels would bring Solo to Lorrd, Lumiya waited for him on the planet, and made contact with him shortly after his arrival,[3] beginning a relationship that would eventually lead him to become the Sith Lord Darth Caedus.[6]

Behind the scenes[]

The Aalagar were created by Aaron Allston for his novel Legacy of the Force: Betrayal, the first book in the Star Wars: Legacy of the Force series.[3]



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