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Aay Zavos was a male member of the Galactic Traders Guild who served as an emissary to King Kayos for the Chrome Companies. He was partial to the Independent Systems in their struggle against the Galactic Empire because of the trade restrictions in the Empire.

Zavos was a larger than normal Human, with sallow eyes. A Rebel General on Yavin 4 was named Aay Zavos. He resembles the trader Zavos, but was not convinced the Rebel plan to attack the Death Star would succeed. For this his was rebuked by Kane Starkiller.

Behind the scenesEdit

Zavos' criticism of the plan in the second draft was echoed in later drafts by the character known as "Fake Wedge". The character of Bail Antilles, interestingly, was later to evolve into the real Wedge, so the comments by "Fake Wedge" were also not assigned to Wedge's conceptual counterpart.



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