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Before and during the Clone Wars, Jedi Knight Aayla Secura owned a blue-bladed lightsaber. Secura wielded the lightsaber in the Battle of Geonosis and was one of the thirty Jedi who survived. Secura also wielded the lightsaber when she faced off against the Dark Jedi and bounty hunter Aurra Sing on Devaron, fought the Confederate General Grievous on Hypori, and continued to wield the weapon on other battlefronts. The Jedi Knight also used the weapon during battles on Quell, Maridun, and Alzoc III. Secura continued to use her lightsaber during Outer Rim Sieges campaigns, until her death on Felucia, where she was betrayed by the troops under her command and gunned down before she could defend herself. On some occasions, she would wield a green lightsaber in tandem with her primary blade, in order to apply her Jar'Kai skills in combat.

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