"This used to be a factory world—but it's been abandoned ever since the impact. Too dangerous."
Freyta Smyth[3]

Ab Dalis was a swampy wasteland world situated in the Ab Dalis system of the Outer Rim Territories. It was home to numerous corporations led by oligarchs and trillionaires and had a corrupt and ineffective government that catered to them. City-sized factories on Ab Dalis were operated by workers who lived in slums, while those who profited lived in towers. After the Great Hyperspace Disaster, in which the freighter Legacy Run came apart in hyperspace, Ab Dalis was struck by the first Emergence—where a fragment of the destroyed starship, which were all thought to have been brought under control in the Hetzal system, collided with Ab Dalis, killing approximately twenty million people.[1] The impact cracked the crust of Ab Dalis and left a crater in its surface, which became tectonically unstable. Ab Dalis was subsequently abandoned due to the danger of its conditions.[3]

Several hundred years afterward, Ab Dalis was the site of Rendezvous Point Lambda-Four, a base of the Rebel Alliance on the edge of the impact crater that contained a resupply depot and mechanical facilities. After the Alliance Fleet broke up[3] following the Battle of Hoth,[4] the Eleventh Division, including rebel leaders Mon Mothma and Admiral Gial Ackbar, grouped at the rendezvous point. The rebels were eventually located by the Galactic Empire, with Commander Ellian Zahra sending Admiral Kalaxo of the Star Destroyer Ultima II on patrols to find the Rebellion's missing divisions before they banded together again and decided to destroy them by himself. Despite the Empire eliminating the ground defense base, the Alliance's Starlight Squadron, plus Jedi Padawan Luke Skywalker, were able to set off a volcano beneath the Ultima II, destroying the Imperial capital ship, killing Kalaxo, and rescuing Mothma and the other rebels.[3]

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