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"Look at this. All the database says is: "Abafar, information on Planet:Void.""
―Meebur Gascon[4]

Abafar was a remote desert world within the Outer Rim Territories of the galaxy. The planet was scarcely populated and mostly covered in a featureless expanse known as The Void.



"Wait a minute, there is no sun! How do we know which direction we're going?"
―Meebur Gascon[4]

Detail of the geography of Abafar.

Abafar was a hot and remote desert world[6] located within the Abafar system of the Outer Rim Territories' Sprizen sector.[1] Its geography mostly consisted of empty, featureless plains, known as The Void, and a few urban settlements, such as the mining town of Pons Ora.[6] Large geographic indentations crisscrossed its surface, although they were not clearly visible from space with the naked eye. The Galactic Republic's database file on Abafar revealed these markings.[4] Even though a desert, the planet possessed water[2] and was one of the few suppliers of a type of volatile fuel known as Rhydonium.[6]

According to Republic data on the planet, Abafar had a polar diameter of 12 11 714, equatorial distance of 1625856 and a surface area of 580 025 700, being 14 11 000 of these made up of land area and 80 40 000 of sea area. Republic files had no information on population count, and indicated that the lowest point was located 850 meters below sea level and the deepest point in the planet was at 44585. 25648".[2][3]

The town of Pons Ora, built lower than the surrounding ground level, was notable for its extraction of Rhydonium. Although the planet itself was scarcely populated, the settlement featured a wide array of immigrated species, such as Aleena, Aqualish, Dug, Human, Sullustan and a tentacle-faced species. Commercial activity was practiced, as evidenced by the existence of Game Go and the diner Power Sliders.[7]

Due to particulates in the atmosphere, sunlight reflected on the chalky, white surface produced a diffuse orange sky, and these conditions, combined with regolith properties in made the white dust on the ground hazy. Because of this, it was nearly impossible to cast shadows, leave tracks and tell the direction or time of day.[6]


"We've got to stop following my training or your programming and follow the birds' instincts! Grab hold!"
―Meebur Gascon to WAC-47[4]

Abafar, due to its harsh conditions, had limited bio-diversity. The seemingly static landscape would at times be disrupted by the sudden stampede of a certain species of limber, flightless birds,[4] known as Void Striders.[8] The striders occasionally traveled in large packs across its barren expanses. The birds did not seem to mind the presence of other sentient species and droids.[4] Additionally, in urban settlements such as Pons Ora, a particular species of bug thrived on organic matter such as leftover food and garbage.[7]


"Well, this is a fine mess you mechs got us into."
―Meebur Gascon[4]

Separatist battle droids patrol the dusty streets of Pons Ora.

During the Clone Wars, the Confederacy of Independent Systems installed a Rhydonium mining installation on the planet, specifically in Pons Ora.[6]

At around 20 BBY,[9] the Galactic Republic's D-Squad, led by Meebur Gascon, crash-landed on Abafar following a shuttle engine malfunction in the comet-filled region. The members of D-Squad wandered for some time and came across the ruins of an unidentified trading vessel. Shortly afterwards, Colonel Meebur Gascon had an outbreak of lunacy, so WAC-47 remained behind with him while the other astromech droids moved on.[4]

The members of D-Squad regrouped after splitting up in Pons Ora. Soon after, they found a clone commando named Gregor who helped the droids of D-Squad infiltrate the Separatist installation, steal a shuttle and escape the planet.[7]

Behind the scenes[]

Holographic depiction of Abafar

"We do one episode called 'The Void,' which is basically a whole exploration of Mœbius and his artwork style, which is a big influence on Star Wars. So it's really abstract, and we were out on the edge. It was like the white room in THX. It was really experimental stuff."
―Dave Filoni, excerpt from The ForceCast at 1:36:08[10]

The planet Abafar was first mentioned in the "Launch Pad" section of the magazine Star Wars Insider 138, published December 2012.[11] Its first appearance, however, came with "A Sunny Day in the Void," an episode in the Star Wars: The Clone Wars television series, which aired December 7, 2012 in Canada and the following day in the United States.[12] Abafar's visuals were based on the work of the French comic artist Jean Giraud, better known as Mœbius.[10]



Notes and references[]

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