The Abandoned Listening Post was a deep space installation of the reconstituted Sith Empire.


During the Galactic War the station was intercepting and decrypting a staggering volume of enemy communications, while its existence and location remained highly classified. However, during the Eternal Empire conquest of 3637 BBY, the station's staff was relocated and never replaced. In the chaos of the ensuing conflict the Sith Intelligence ceased to exist and the station was forgotten.[2]

After the Eternal Empire of Zakuul was defeated by the Eternal Alliance around 3630 BBY, the station was rediscovered and underwent modifications to become the base of operation of Vinn Atrius and his Order of Zildrog. Atrius, a former Horizon Guard from Zakuul, sought to destroy to the Alliance by using Zildrog, an ancient superweapon from Iokath. He was joined by GEMINI 16, who offered her knowledge of Zildrog's workings and location, Theron Shan who proclaimed his intentions to destroy the Alliance he helped build, and a number of individuals with personal vendettas againt the Alliance Commander. Eventually locating Zildrog's coordinates on Nathema, the Order moved its base of operations there, taking everything they could from the station with them and tasking Shan with destroying the rest. Theron, who was a double agent for the Alliance the whole time, wiped data from the main console but left backups of the data and a message with coordinates to Zildrog, encrypted with a cypher known only to him and Lana Beniko. Smugglers working for Hylo Visz intercepted the message Theron left for the Alliance, and the Commander and Beniko arrived on the station shortly after Theron, Vinn Atrius and GEMINI 16 departed for Nathema. Having uncovered recordings and messages left by Shan, they learned about the Order and its goals, but were forced to flee as the self-destruct mechanism was activated and completely obliterated the station.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

The station is visited during a mission of "The Nathema Conspiracy" update, leading into the flashpoint of the same name.


Notes and referencesEdit

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