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The Abandoned Separatist base was located on an asteroid in a deserted system that was once controlled by the Separatists.


This base was later occupied by the Believers, and near the end of the Clone Wars, the Cularin Armed Forces dispatched a task force on a mission to it, to try and recover some intelligence. The Heroes of Cularin and some Clone Marines were sent down to get the base's power back online and recover any available data. However, some battle droids powered up and attacked them. The power was eventually turned back on, but when this happened, Darth Sidious began to speak over a speaker and began a countdown for the base's destruction. The heroes were able to stop this, but were trapped in a room and Sidious told them over a holoprojector that he had lured them there to keep them safe, while he began an attack elsewhere. The door opened three hours later and the heroes escaped the base.


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