This article is about the planet in the Spar sector. You may be looking for the planet of the same name in the Kalee system.

Abbaji was a planet within the Zuma sector on the Outer Rim Territories. It was mostly composed of rainforests, including the Irugian Rain Forest, the only place in the galaxy where firethorn trees could be found. One of those such trees was given to the renowned criminal Xizor, leader of the Black Sun crime syndicate.


Abbaji was a terrestrial planet[3] in the Abbaji system of the Spar sector,[2] a subsector within the inner region of the Zuma sector, in the remote Outer Rim of the galaxy.[1] The famous hundred-meter-tall firethorn trees were unique to the planet and only grew in a single grove of the world's Irugian Rain Forest.[3]

The planet's surface was mostly composed of rainforests, while its atmosphere was breathable to most species.[4]


At some point, Prince Xizor, head of the Black Sun criminal organization, was given a six-hundred-year-old dwarf firethorn tree as a peace offering by a business rival, a gift that Xizor considered to be one of his most prized possessions.[4]

Behind the scenesEdit

Abbaji was first mentioned in the 1996 novel Shadows of the Empire, which was written by Steve Perry. It was again mentioned in the 1998 Star Wars Encyclopedia and, two years later, received an entry in the third edition of A Guide to the Star Wars Universe. It was most recently referenced in the new The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia, published in 2008.

In 2006, a new Abbaji was introduced to Star Wars canon, with The Essential Atlas placing it and the planet Kalee in the same system, according to Unknown Soldier: The Story of General Grievous. However, Shadows of the Empire had placed the first planet known as Abbaji near the planet Endor, and so, due to this mistake, the latter Abbaji near Kalee was unofficially retconned as Abbaji Minor by author Jason Fry.[5]



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