"All right. I brought my warrior-kin, all my pretty soldiers to the planet of knives, as requested. Now I have just one question. Who am I here to kill?"
―General Abediah Viess[2]

Abediah Viess[6] was a Mirialan[2] female who served as the general[3] of a mercenary army.


Viess and her army traveled to the planet Gansevor[2] around 382 BBY[7] at the request of Bethune army Field Marshal Tozen to support their siege of Firevale.[2] However, she betrayed Tozen killing him and several other Bethune army personnel. She also claimed to have killed several Jedi with her beskar spear, calling herself a Jedi killer. She tried to kill Porter Engle twice, failing both times.[8]

After operating as a mercenary-for-hire for a century, Viess eagerly joined the Nihil when their Occlusion Zone engulfed ten sectors of the Outer Rim Territories, including her world. She led Eye of the Nihil Marchion Ro's newly established Ministry of Protection, making use of her expertise in hunting Jedi.[5] Her combat skills and brutality made her a formidable Nihil adversary to those who opposed her. Despite her boasts of being a Jedi killer, her old opponent Engle, continued to elude her[4] until they finally met again around 229 BBY.[5]


General Viess' full suit of black armor had lightsaber-resistant beskar filigreed inlay, including on her vambraces.[5] She carried several Jedi lightsabers in her robe[6] and wielded different weapons.[5] She had a beskar spear,[8] an old-fashioned beskar sword, a pair of long beskar daggers, and an ornately engraved blaster.[5]

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