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"This is a backward sort of world, don't you think, where the plants eat the animals?"
―Vestara Khai, to Olaris Rhea[2]

A planet in the Maw was inhabited by Abeloth, a dark side entity who held complete control over the planet's carnivorous flora, which preyed upon the animals. It was notable for having numerous physical locations that corresponded to metaphysical locations in the realm known as beyond shadows. Suffering from ground tremors, It had crimson rivers and a rumbling volcano that contained Abeloth's cave, which led to a courtyard with arcades surrounding the dark side– and sulfur-radiating Font of Power.[1] The Pool of Knowledge lay near a jungle gorge and swamp at the base of the volcano. The carnivorousness of the plants, the tremors, and the volcanic rumbling of the world ceased upon Abeloth's departure.[3]

The planet was inhabited by the Ones until the Son and Daughter imprisoned Abeloth on the world. In 43.5 ABY, Abeloth sent a call out through the Force, taking control over the Sith Meditation Sphere Ship and forcing it to travel to the world. The Lost Tribe of Sith sent a strike team under the command of Lady Olaris Rhea to recover Ship and kill Jedi Grand Master Luke Skywalker. The strike team tracked Ship to Abeloth's planet and sent a landing party to the planet to search for the Meditation Sphere, but the world's deadly wildlife claimed the lives of many of the Sith. Eventually, the Sith found Abeloth, who agreed to protect them from the planet's dangers; although she also secretly prevented Ship from returning to the Tribe and allowed many of the Sith to die. Finally, after discovering that Skywalker and his son, Jedi Knight Ben Skywalker, were at Sinkhole Station, a space station in the Maw, Abeloth allowed Ship to return to the Tribe to carry the few surviving Sith to the Station to attack the Jedi. Later, in 44 ABY, a joint Jedi and Sith fleet under the command of Luke Skywalker and Sith High Lord Sarasu Taalon traveled to the world and battled with Abeloth, defeating her.



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