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Abeloth was a being that inhabited a planet in the Maw, and was also found in a realm of the Force called beyond shadows, which was accessed by the Mind Walkers at Sinkhole Station.


Abeloth was a being that was extremely powerful in the dark side of the Force. She inhabited a planet in the Maw, and also existed beyond shadows—a realm that Force-sensitives entered when separating their minds from their bodies. In 43 ABY, Abeloth sent out a call through the Force, forcing Ship, a Sith Meditation Sphere, to travel to her planet in the Maw. Ship, however, had spent the past two years forming a Sith armada for the Lost Tribe of Sith on Kesh. The Tribe sent out a strike team to track down Ship and kill Jedi Grand Master Luke Skywalker—whose presence they had felt in the Force after he came into contact with the Codex.

Ship, who was under complete control by Abeloth, led the strike team to the planet which Abeloth inhabited. Abeloth took the form of a humanoid female of indeterminate species and befriended the Sith strike team, claiming to be a refugee who had been stranded on the planet for the last thirty years, but all the while secretly sabotaging the Sith's efforts to escape. Abeloth had complete control over all of the planet's native flora and fauna, and used them to attack the Sith, including one of the team's leader, Lady Olaris Rhea, who managed to survive. After the attack on Rhea, however, her apprentice, Vestara Khai, came to see Abeloth as the Skywalkers saw her beyond shadows—a woman with an overly large mouth, stubby arms, and hands with long, writhing tentacles instead of fingers. The rest of the strike team, however, still saw Abeloth as a normal humanoid female.

Meanwhile, Skywalker and his son, Jedi Knight Ben Skywalker, were attempting to retrace the steps that Jedi Knight-turned-Sith Lord Jacen Solo had taken on his five-year journey after the Yuuzhan Vong War. The Skywalkers arrived at Sinkhole Station in the Maw, where they came across a group of beings called the Mind Walkers, who taught them how to go beyond shadows, where Skywalker saw Abeloth in the Mists of Forgetfulness across the Lake of Apparitions. Referred to by the Mind Walkers as the "Lady in the mists", Abeloth beckoned Skywalker to try to talk to her, but he refused.

After Abeloth encountered Skywalker beyond shadows, she finally allowed Ship to return to the Sith and transport them to Sinkhole Station to ambush the Skywalkers. Abeloth ordered the Sith to capture them rather than kill them, however, the strike team's leader, later changed the mission's objective back to kill. The mission, however, proved to be a failure, and Khai was the only survivor. Later, the Skywalkers speculated that Abeloth was the one causing the mysterious illness which afflicted any Force-sensitives that had spent an extended amount of time in The Maw. Ben also suggested that the Celestials might have built the Maw and Centerpoint Station to contain Abeloth and her power, but once Centerpoint was destroyed, Abeloth was freed.

A short time later, Luke Skywalker ventured into the Maw and killed Abeloth on her planet.

Powers and abilities

While Abeloth appeared as a humanoid female of indeterminate species to most, Luke Skywalker and Vestara Khai were able to see her true appearance. Abeloth's real form was that of a woman with a large full lipped mouth so broad that it reached from ear to ear, stubby arms that protruded no more than ten centimeters from her shoulders, and hands that had long, writhing tentacles for fingers.

Abeloth could command the native fauna and flora of her planet to do her bidding, and was believed to have the ability to cause a mysterious psychosis in Force-sensitive beings who had spent an extended period of time in the Maw.

Behind the scenes

Abeloth is possibly a reference to the aboleths from Dungeons & Dragons. Besides their name, the aboleths are an extremely ancient race of powerful telepaths who can use their powers to drive individuals mad, traits similar to Abeloth's. Aboleths also have tentacles; however, they are fish-like rather than humanoid in appearance.

Another possible connection is with Araboth, the Seventh Heaven of Jewish mysticism, perhaps pointing to a "Celestial" origin.


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