Abraxas was a planet in the Abraxas system situated within the Yushan sector of the Mid Rim Territories. Abraxas was ran dry of its rich natural resources by overwhelming mining, and became a base for the Eiattu pirates. Soon after the Battle of Endor, the New Republic discovered and threw the pirates out.


Abraxas was a planet in the Abraxas system within the Yushan sector of the Mid Rim of the galaxy.[1] Located in the Western Reaches region, the world was habitable and its atmosphere breathable, it was also known for its rich mineral and ore deposits.[3] Over time, its transport ships and orbital refineries were abandoned when its mines ran dry, and the debris eventually spread over the entire system, making travel through the area almost impossible. In 4 ABY, during the New Republic era, Abraxas was used as a pirate's band base, a group known as TIE pirates for their use of Imperial TIE starfighters. The base was then discovered and destroyed by New Republic forces under Admiral Firmus Nantz.[4]

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Abraxas was first mentioned in the 2000 "Lando's Commandos: On Eagles' Wings" comics within Star Wars Tales 5.



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