Abraxin was a swampy world in the Tion Cluster, an exporter of Abrax cognac.


A member state of Xim's Empire during the Pre-Republic era, Abraxin later joined the Galactic Republic with the destruction of the empire.

At some point, a group of Barabel made their way to the world and created a small settlement. Circa 67 BBY, the Sith apprentice, Naat Lare, visited Abraxin in order to hunt marsh haunts, as an aspect of his training. As an escapee from the Bedlam Institution for the Criminally Demented, Lare was separately hunted by both Darth Plagueis and by two Jedi, Ni-Cada and Lo Bukk.

During the final days of the Republic, the Jedi Order's Exploration Corps dispatched the Jedi Master Ur-Sema Du and her Padawan Kai Justiss on a mission to Abraxin, where the duo encountered and captured a marsh haunt for study by the Jedi Archives. With the rise of the Confederacy of Independent Systems and the start of the Clone Wars, Abraxin seceded from the Republic.



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